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Aging energy-saving lamps have a shelf life

CFLs have a "shelf life"? This is not a joke, but a fact. Op lighting products exhibition hall, Wang Qi, director of the Op lighting energy-saving lamps category to reporters introduced since the shelf life of knowledge of energy-saving lamps. Prompt consumers to buy energy-saving lamps is best to look at the date of manufacture.

CFLs have a "shelf life"

Energy-saving lamps are mainly composed of three parts: lamps, electronic ballasts, lamp holder. Wang Qi, told this reporter that the more energy-saving lamps Rectifier some electronic components, even in the case of non-use will be aging, energy-saving lamps also exists a "shelf life".

Regular manufacturers in the market, energy-saving lamp life of 6000-8000 hours. But this is just a test time, consumers in everyday use, the frequent switching will reduce the life of the energy-saving lamps. According to the conventional use of time, energy-saving lamps a day with four hours a day, switch 6, the life of two years or so

Wang Qi, energy-saving lamps "shelf life" in a year or so. The relevant provisions of the country there is no energy-saving lamps "retention period", but the Op, but has always insisted to guarantee the product of the sale of the factory within one year. Wang Qi, reminds consumers that the purchase of energy-saving lamps, it is best to look at the appearance date.

How to look at the shelf-life

Informal enterprises and energy saving lighting products usually the date of manufacture Coding of the form indicated in the fixture, consumers can visually see.
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