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Shandong JiaoZhou 360000 cigarettes subsidies energy-saving lamps to light up the people

Recently, Shandong Jiaozhou for the implementation of subsidies for energy-saving lamps policy held a special meeting, the layers arrange for someone to implement energy-saving lamp replacement work in the region, local farmers have benefited. This reporter saw a distribution site in the energy-saving lamps, the Jiaozhou horse Dianzhen village to come to receive subsidies for energy-saving lamps vehicle packed with the town government compound. Town Caoge Zhuang village branch secretary Li collective good for the village receive the 1000 energy-saving lamps, and are pleased to reporters, said: "The country of favorable policies, nice, even lighting has also been subsidized. Implementation of the policy of subsidies for energy-saving lamps only need to let people spend half the price to be able to buy energy-saving lamps, but also save electricity. " According to the Ma Dian ETO Chen Feng Xu, co-ordinators of the promotion of efficient lighting products introduced this town bought a total of 4527 subsidies for energy-saving lamps, and 9-watt energy-saving lamps to replace the previously used 60-watt incandescent, allows each family per month to save electricity for tens of dollars. It is understood that the urban and rural residents to buy state-subsidized energy-saving lamps only half the price, and state financial subsidies to half. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamp, energy saving lamps have the advantages of long life, high-quality lighting, energy-saving effect. The Jiaozhou were registered and the issuance of 639 million energy-saving lamps, the amount of the subsidy of 47 million yuan, is expected to total registration and payment of more than 360,000 energy-saving lamps, subsidies amounted to nearly $ 1.7 million. Jiaozhou Shop town Village Liubang Liang said happily: "I bought a 10 energy-saving lamps not only save more than 40 dollars, but also do not have to run errands, village arrangements directly to the I hands, can be okay!" For making good to subsidize energy-saving lamps, Jiaozhou Development and Reform Bureau, organized by the towns of the economic and trade department of the Office is responsible for the participation of a special working meeting, it was clear the office of energy efficient lighting products to promote liaison and country towns offices financial subsidy policy advocacy to the villages, enterprises, and to make every family. After the meeting, Jiaozhou City Development and Reform Bureau immediately, with offices in towns, efficient lighting promotion signed a relevant agreement, to the villagers through various forms of publicity, and specify the person responsible for the statistical distribution of energy-saving lamps. Publicity in the issuance process of energy-saving lamps in place appropriate management measures, the masses enthusiastically buy Jiaozhou farmers to truly reap the benefits.
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